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Product Liability Accidents

South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

Under product liability law, manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that their products are safe, or at least warn of the potential hazards that could occur. Thousands of catastrophic injuries and death occur every year from defective products. These product liability accidents could be avoided if the manufacturers or distributors of these products took the necessary steps to ensure consumer safety.

In order to ensure that you receive full compensation for damages, it is important to contact an experienced South Florida product liability accident lawyer. At Lawlor | Zigler, we have won several high-profile product liability accident lawsuits throughout South Florida.

Product Liability Accident Claims

If your injury was caused by a defective product, you can bring a suit against any party in the chain of distribution. Our product liability attorneys will help you determine who is liable and assess the damages that can be recovered.  Our law firm strives to ensure that manufacturers and sellers produce safe products and provide sufficient warning of potential dangers.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a product liability case, contact the attorneys at Lawlor | Zigler today for a free consultation. We will work diligently to protect your legal rights and to maximize your recovery. We can determine if you are entitled to compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of physical capacity
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

Our experienced product liability accident lawyers will make sure that you or your family receives fair treatment and just compensation for injuries caused by dangerous and defective products.

Product Liability Accident Damages

Many common, everyday products on the market can cause serious injuries because there was not enough research or testing conducted. The following are examples of lawsuits that our product liability accident lawyers have successfully represented:

  • $1.015 million trial and verdict against a major automobile maintenance company for defective brake repairs. The client went to a national repair chain to get her brakes fixed, and two months later experienced additional brake issues that she could not afford to pay to fix. The establishment told her to leave, and her brakes failed on her way home, which led to serious injuries that necessitated multiple surgeries. It was found that the brakes were still under warranty and that the repair chain should have fixed them.
  • $175,000 trial and verdict with Defendant Anheuser Busch due to an exploring beer bottle cap that sustained a permanent eye injury. This was the first time in Anheuser Busch history that a beer bottle cap was declared to be defective.

While every product liability case is different, the product liability accident lawyers at Lawlor | Zigler can conduct a product liability analysis and help you with a free case evaluation.

How Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

At Lawlor | Zigler, we understand the pain and suffering that your family is going through after a product liability accident. We want to help you investigate your rights and seek justice in a product liability lawsuit. Please call our personal injury trial attorneys at 1-855-465-2889 for a free initial consultation or contact us online.