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Verdicts and Settlements

Below are various verdicts and settlements obtained by Lawlor | Zigler. Results in individual cases are based on the unique facts of each case. These amounts reflect gross proceeds before deductions for attorneys’ fees, medical bills and other costs,  and you may not obtain the same or similar results from your case.

Wrongful Death

Confidential Settlement – Subsequent Pulmonary Embolism

Lawlor | Zigler represented a client who was involved in a rear-end collision with a nationally known air condition company. The client sustained neck and back injuries, which proceeded to get significantly worse and necessitate surgery. She initially had the neck surgery and was making a fine recovery. Subsequently, she had back surgery and within four days she suffered a pulmonary embolism and sadly passed away. Her death was a difficult and tragic situation for her husband and her family. Previously, our client had shed over 175lbs doing Quick Weight Loss to reduce her maximum weight from 300lbs to 175lbs. After the accident and the surgery, she put on a significant amount of weight. After the second surgery, she suffered the pulmonary embolism.

At mediation, the parties came to an agreement to resolve the case for a confidential figure.

Confidential Settlement – Fourteen Year Old Child Dies on Football Field

Lawlor | Zigler represented the family of a 14 year old who died while playing football in Hollywood, Florida. The young boy was playing in the South Florida Youth Football League, when at the start of the second half, he went to make a tackle on the opening kickoff and laid unconscious on the field. However, the representatives for the football league did not have experience in CPR or dealing with potential neck injuries and did not attend to the young boy. Instead of believing he had a neck injury, he actually was hit in the chest causing his heart to stop and ultimately died at the field.

Lawlor | Zigler sued the football league for negligently caring for the child and for failing to have proper plan to deal with cardiac arrest or other catastrophic injuries. The case posed other issues based on the fact that the parents were separated and the father, who Lawlor | Zigler represented, had just been released from prison, and was not an integral part of the young boy’s life. However, after a long arduous process and law suit, the firm of Lawlor | Zigler was able to resolve the case, along with co-counsel, on behalf of the mother and the father. Settlement for both parties was confidential.

Trial and Verdict of $164,000.00 – Rear-End Accident, Zero Property Damage to Either Vehicle

Attorney Lawlor represented a young 20-year old University of Florida College student who was a passenger in her brother’s vehicle when it was rear ended by another vehicle. The low impact collision caused no property damage to either vehicle. However, immediately after the accident, the client complained about lower back problems and an MRI showed a herniated disk at the L4/5 level.

The Defendant offered $3,000.00 in an attempt to settle the matter. The Defendant maintained that the Plaintiff’s injuries was a preexisting degenerative condition and not a result of the impact.

Attorney Lawlor took the case to trial and had a verdict returned in the amount of $164,000.00. Once again, Attorney Lawlor had requested Defendant to tender the $50,000.00 policy limit, which was rejected. A bad faith claim was filed and the case was settled post trial.

Trial and Verdict of $750,000.00 – Fourteen Year Old Boy Stabbed to Death at Nightclub

Attorney Lawlor went to trial on a case involving a fourteen year old boy who was at a teen club in West Palm Beach, Florida. While at the club, the teen allegedly got into an altercation and was removed from the club. Interestingly, this club involved half of the club being a teen club and the other half being an adult club. The teen club closes at 2:00AM and the adult club at 4:00AM.

After being ejected from the club, none of the employees of the club asked the client to leave the premises or get him a ride back to his home. Instead, the client waited for his friends to come out when the club closed at 2:00AM. Unfortunately, after the club closed, a fight broke out and during the fight the client was stabbed by an unknown assailant and, ultimately, died at the scene.

Attorney Lawlor sued the club owner based on the fact of negligent security in providing security for the teens and controlling the crowd after the club closed, which caused a fight and the ultimate stabbing. Defendant maintained there was adequate security and the teen was the instigator in the fight; and they are not responsible for any stabbing that occurred during the fight.

At trial, a jury entered a verdict in the amount of $750,000.00 for the parents of the fourteen year old boy. Attorney Lawlor was able to show that the security was inadequate, and the jury found the club owner completely responsible for the death of the young boy.

Confidential Settlement – A Pedestrian being Struck by Car

This case involved the tragic loss of a loved client who was celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary. On this joyous day her and her husband wanted to see the beach and proceeded to go to the beach in Boca Raton, Florida. After visiting the beach, the client was attempting to cross A1A at a cross walk, when a vehicle attempted to make a right turn when it should not have and stopped suddenly in front of the client and another pedestrian. However, the vehicle following the defendant’s vehicle did not stop, causing her to slam into our client. Instead of staying on the brakes the driver freaked out and placed her foot back on the gas and ran over the client. The client was conscious throughout the entire process while the emergency medical team were evaluating her. However, upon her trip to the Emergency Room she deteriorated as a result of a perforated liver.

She left behind a loving family consisting of children, grandchildren and relatives. The difficult part of the case was dealing with the accident. The initial defendant had made an attempt to stop and the second defendant had collided with her, pushing her into our client. Signs were readily visible on A1A “NO TURN ON RED WHEN PEDESTRIANS IN CROSS WALK”. After vigorous discovery and depositions, the parties were able to settle this case in a manner which was satisfactory to the client’s family. The settlement was confidential.

Bicycle and Motor Vehicle Accidents

$1.95 Million – Bicycle Accident

The Lawlor | Zigler firm represented a client who was riding her bike on Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach when she was clipped by a national water company vehicle, causing her to sustain significant injuries in a de-gloving of her foot. She underwent multiple surgeries and skin grafting. She has made a good recovery, based on these injuries and has been able to get back on her bicycle again which was the passion of her life. Lawlor | Zigler was proud to resolve the case for her benefit of $1.95 million.

$850,000.00 Settlement – Loss of Limb as a Result of a Car Accident at a Car Detailing Shop

The firm represented a young man who had immigrated to the United States from Guatemala. He was attempting to live out his dream in America and was pursing it by earning money and detailing vehicles. Unfortunately, one of his fellow workers improperly, negligently and carelessly operated the vehicle so that it struck him and pushed him into a wall, causing significant injuries to his lower extremities, necessitating the amputation of his leg below the thigh.

The client had such a positive attitude and was given a prosthetic. He continues to move forward with his life. He is married and has a child. The case was a very difficult liability situation between the operator of the vehicle and the establishment where he was detailing the cars. However, Lawlor | Zigler, was able to prove that there was responsibility and obtain a settlement in the high six figures.

$325,000.00 Settlement – Trucking Accident, Lower back Surgery

The firm of Lawlor | Zigler represented a client who was operating his vehicle at the toll plaza near Dolphin Stadium when, suddenly and without warning, he was rear-ended by a nationally recognized trucking company. The client ended up having significant injuries to his neck, which necessitated surgery.

The firm filed a law suit on behalf of the client as a result of discovery into the facts of the case. The case was ultimately resolved for $325,000.00.

Trial and Verdict of $411,000.00 – Herniated Disk Without Surgery

Attorney Lawlor represented a client who was involved in an intersectional collision on I95 in Boynton Beach, Florida. The client sustained a herniated disk at the L5-S1 level without surgery and had continuous medical treatment. Attorney Lawlor sued Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company based on a $10,000.00 uninsured motorist policy, which they failed to timely pay. Liberty Mutual did not think the case was worth more than $10,000.00. The case went to trial. At trial Attorney Lawlor was able to show the jury that the client had a significant disk injury and would have continuous problems throughout her life. The jury entered a verdict of $411,000.00. Attorney Lawlor pursued a bad faith case to collect over the $10,000.00 uninsured motorist limits, and the case was settled subsequent to filing this bad faith action.

Trial and Verdict of $280,000.00 – A Fifteen Year Old Girl with Fractured Femur

Attorney Lawlor represented a young girl who was in a vehicle with her mother when the accident happened on SW 10th Street and Military Trial in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Attorney Lawlor claimed that the Defendant in this case cut off the vehicle being driven by the client’s mother, causing it to collide with a palm tree. In the back seat was her fifteen year old daughter, our client, who sustained a fracture to her shoulder and fracture to the right femur. The Defendant maintained that it was in fact the client’s mother who improperly changed lanes causing the impact to occur. At trial, Attorney Lawlor convinced the jury that 100% of the liability should be on the Defendant and the jury entered a verdict for our client in the amount of $280,000.00. Prior to trial the Defendant offered zero in this case. Previously, Attorney Lawlor had asked for the policy limits of $100,000.00, which was obviously denied based on the zero offer. Once again, Attorney Lawlor pursed a bad faith claim after the verdict, and was able to settle the case post trial.

Trial and Verdict of $264,000.00 – A Broward County Sheriffs’ Officer

Attorney Lawlor represented a Broward County Sheriff’s Officer who was involved in a stop sign with flashing red light collision. The Defendant admitted they were at fault and the issue went to the amount of damages. The client was a 59-year old Broward County Deputy Sheriff who sustained a bulging disk to the lumbar spine. He also claimed that he had to retire from the BSO as a result of his injuries. The Defendant’s position was that the bulging disk in the lower back was not related to the accident and was age related injuries as a result of his work as a Sheriff, and other natural phenomena.

Attorney Lawlor went to trial and convinced the jury to give the client $264,000.00. Previously, the Defendant’s insurance carrier, Allstate, had offered only $6,000.00. Once again, Attorney Lawlor had asked for Allstate to tender the policy limits of $100,000.00, which was denied. Attorney Lawlor then filed a bad faith action, whereupon the case was settled post trial based upon the filing of the bad faith action.

Trial and Verdict of $229,000.00 – Our Client Ran into the Back of a Stopped Semi-truck

Attorney Lawlor represented a client who was operating a van on Broward Boulevard in the early morning hours. The Defendant’s trucking company had pulled over in the right lane of Westbound Broward Boulevard to seek directions. The client maintained that he did not know it was a truck stop and ran into the rear of the stopped truck. In this case, the Defendant offered zero based on the fact that they claim the client ran into the back of their truck, and there was no liability on their truck driver.

Attorney Lawlor took this case to trial and obtained a verdict of $229,000.00. Previously, the Defendant had offered zero. The jury found the client 25% at fault and the Defendant truck driver 75% at fault. The case was settled post trial after numerous motions by the Defense counsel to get a new trial.

Trial and Verdict of $770,000.00 – Rear Ended at Minimal Speed

Attorney Lawlor represented a client who was rear ended at a minimal speed and had minimal property damage. Subsequent to the accident, she sustained injuries to her neck, which necessitated a two level fusion.

The Defendants in this case denied they were responsible for the injuries and claimed that this minimal impact in no way caused the injuries she sustained. The Defendants hired multiple experts in areas of bio-mechanics and injury causation to show this impact could not have caused the injuries and the need for surgery. Attorney Lawlor was able to show through other experts that such an injury can occur, and did occur.

The jury came back finding the Defendant 100% at fault and entering a verdict of $770,000.00 against the Defendant.

Slip and Fall

$237,000.00 Settlement – At a South Florida Supermarket

The firm represented a client who was shopping at a prominent South Florida supermarket when, suddenly and without warning, she slipped and fell, causing a violent fall to the ground. She sustained injuries to her neck, which necessitated surgery. She went through rehabilitation and made a reasonable recovery. The issue in the case revolved around the liability of the establishment. Lawlor | Zigler was able to prove that the store had very improper training and/or policies or procedures for checking on spills and other matters. After a vigorous pursuit of this case, the parties agreed at mediation to settle the case for $237,000.00.

Maritime Cases

$300,00.00 Settlement – Negligent Operation of an Airboat

Lawlor | Zigler represented a family who decided for the first time to take an airboat ride on Lake Okeechobee. During the airboat ride near tragedy almost occurred when the airboat operator, who was not paying attention and ran the boat aground, causing one of the family members to be ejected from the boat and hit a tree.

As a result of this impact, the father of the family had to have surgery and claims were made on behalf of three other members of the family.

In filing the law suit, the Defendants responded by filing a Federal Law suit called “Limitation of Liabilities”. This law suit is generally filed by the owner of the boat where they attempt to limit the case to the value of the vessel involved. Here the value of the airboat was approximately $4,000.00. However, Lawlor | Zigler, was able to prove to the court that the Defendants had not filed the proper procedure in filing this limitation of liability case. As a result of this, the Defendants surrendered their $300,000.00 policy to the father, as well as paid claims on all members of the family.


Trial and Verdict of $175,000.00 – Exploding Beer Bottle Cap, Permanent Eye Injury

Lawlor | Zigler represented a client who was a waiter at a local restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida. While cleaning up at the end of the night, he picked up a Michelob bottle whereupon the bottle cap exploded directly into his eye. The firm brought the case to trial based on the defective capping of the bottle against Anheuser Busch.

The trial proceeded with the Defendant, Anheuser Busch, taking a vigorous stand that never in the history of their company has there even been a case where a bottle cap had exploded. Lawlor | Zigler proved through expert testimony that the cap was not properly placed upon the bottle, and overtime, as the pressure built up, it pushed the bottle cap to such a point that when the client picked it up, it exploded; hitting him in the eye.

Lawlor | Zigler took this to trial and was able to obtain a verdict in the amount of $175,000.00. It was the first time in history of Anheuser Busch that it was shown such a bottle cap was defective, causing injury to our client.

Trial and Verdict of $1.105 Million – The Defective Repairs, Against a Major Automobile Maintenance Company

The firm represented a client who had issues with her car involving her brakes and brought it to a national repair chain. She came in with her brake lights on and was told by the repair shop that the vehicle needed brake work done based on the light coming on. She informed them that she had done work on the brakes previously, only two months ago, and she could not afford to pay for additional brake work. The establishment told her that if she could not pay that she could leave if she wanted to. The client left and was driving down I95 when suddenly and without warning, the brakes failed, the steering failed, and she lost control of the vehicle, smashing head first into a pole. She sustained significant injuries to her abdomen, which necessitated multiple surgeries. She was a young woman who was disfigured in the abdomen area. She could no longer wear bikinis, as she had done before, because of the significant scarring.

Lawlor | Zigler was able to show that the national chain should have done the brake repair work because the work was still under warrantee. Through vigorous cross- examination, it was shown by the manager of the national chain that the client was still under warrantee and they never should have allowed her to leave their establishment without repairing the brakes. A jury came back with a verdict of $1.105 million on behalf of our client.